Stellantis Hurricane, heir to the naturally aspirated V8 engine

Six-cylinder 3.0 twin-turbocharged Hurricane ensures better fuel efficiency compared to a classic V8 engine, while maintaining high power. Candidate models include the Ram 1500 pickup, Dodge Charger and Jeep Wrangler. Reaching Europe is not possible

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Here are some details about the Stellantis Hurricane engine. Let’s sum up: a six-cylinder design, a volume of three liters, gasoline fuel. Both turbochargers (small and low inertia) run on three cylinders, for faster response. Direct injection of gasoline at a pressure of 350 bar. Power and torque depend on each model. However, two versions of this engine will be produced, one aimed at reducing consumption and the other aimed at preferring performance.


The first is Standard Output (SO), a power of over 400 hp (Anglo-Saxon horsepower, equal to about 406 hp) and a torque of 610 Nm; The other is called High Output (HO) with more than 500 Hp (507 Hp) and 644 Nm. The house confirms that the Hurricane has 15% increased fuel efficiency, while conserving power in line with the old V8; For example, the current Dodge Charger Hemi has 485 hp (about 492 hp). It is also capable of delivering 90% of the torque from 2350 rpm up to the limiter. This motor was ultimately designed for future integration with forms of electricity. It will be produced in Mexico, at the Stellantis plant in Saltillo.

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