Stellantis, Elkann and Agnelli salaries revealed in 2021

Having in recent days presented economic data for 2021 with profits of 13.4 billion, Stellantis today also announced the bonuses of executives within the group born from the merger between FCA and France’s PSA.

In all, members of the Stellantis board of directors went to 28.8 million euros. In detail, the one who got the most is Carlos Tavares, CEO of the company, who received a total bonus of 19.1 million euros, of which 1.9 million as base salary, 7.5 million as short-term incentives, and 5.5 million as long-term incentives. Term incentive, 2.3 million in retirement plan and 1.7 million in other compensation.

John Elkan, head of Stellantis and number one in Exor (the holding company of the Agnelli-Elkann family, the majority shareholder not only of Stellantis but also, among others, of Juventus and Ferrari), in 2021 received total compensation of 7.8 million, up from 2.39 million euros Collected by FCA in 2020: Group 1 leader with a base salary of €860,000, plus around €751,000 of fringe benefits and €6.27 million long-term incentive, for a total of €7.88 million (20% fixed, 80% variable). Over the past five years at the helm of FCA first and Stellantis today, Elkann has received compensation of €21.7 million.

Among other senior executives, Andrea Agnelli, juventus president And on the Stellantis board of directors, he instead earned a total of 226,000 euros during 2021 (more than Vice President Robert Peugeot, who raised 203,000 euros), of which 216,000 euros as base wages and 9,500 euros as fringe benefits, compared to 16,888 euros for his role In FCA in 2020: Since 2016, the first club Juventus between FCA and Stellantis has earned a total of about 980 thousand euros.

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