Stellantis, € 1,370 reward for Italian workers

Stellantis informed the trade unions today of the bonus reward values, which will be paid this month to Italian employees in the group, in relation to the production efficiency targets set out in the specific collective labor agreement. Results vary according to performance, as measured with the Wcm (World Class Manufacturing) system, which is performed by each individual production unit. The results of most of the group’s factories, among them Pomigliano and Veroni, have been confirmed once again, and have achieved excellence for the sixth consecutive year, to which the Texd plant in Carmagnola was added this year. In general, a bonus for Stellantis employees in Italy will be paid on average just under 6% of the reference salary, which corresponds to an average of around € 1,370. The Rewards Policy, introduced in July 2015 and confirmed through the 2019 renewal, states that all people are directly involved in group productivity and quality outcomes.

“The average premiums paid at Stellantis, although differing by level and facility, are around 1,371 euros, thus higher than about 1,350 euros last year and about 1,250 euros two years ago. This is particularly palpable if we take into account the enormous problems caused by the epidemic and demonstrate great precision in the way efficiency gains are calculated for Stellantis, regardless of production volumes. ” Fim, Uilm, Fismic, UglM, and AqcfR write it in a joint note. She added that the stoppage of production in 2020 due to the emergency caused by the Coronavirus “did not affect the insurance premium, even if of course it means reducing benefits for months of inactivity. However, please note that CCSL provides a better treatment than the legal treatment: fractions of the month that work. At least half of the working days make the monthly benefits fully mature; finally, there is a preventive clause, for the purposes of obtaining the bonus, estimating work periods of less than 15 days, which cumulatively reach a quarter of the year.

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