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Title: MP Stella Creasy Proposes Law Change to Eliminate “Malicious” Social Services Reports

In a significant move towards tackling online harassment, Member of Parliament Stella Creasy is pushing for a change in legislation to erase “malicious” social services reports. Creasy herself fell victim to an online troll who targeted her by reporting her to social services as an unfit parent due to her political views.

The relentless campaign of harassment against Creasy and her family left her children burdened with a social services record that cannot be expunged. To counteract this distressing situation, Creasy has tabled an amendment to the Victims and Prisoners Bill. She aims to eliminate the inclusion of unsubstantiated and malicious reports from individuals’ records.

Creasy sheds light on the detrimental repercussions caused by ongoing harassment, citing the existing social services record as a source of continued distress. Despite conducting an investigation, Waltham Forest Council has expressed its inability to remove the complaint from their records due to legal constraints.

Drawing attention to the persistent abuse received by victims of stalking and harassment, especially women in the public eye, Creasy emphasizes the use of false allegations as a means to discredit and undermine women. The Head of Policy at Women’s Aid, an advocacy organization, joins in supporting Creasy’s efforts.

The harasser responsible for targeting Creasy and her family faced legal consequences as he was convicted of harassment. Prior to this incident, Creasy had worked extensively on legislation against stalking and harassment, amplifying her understanding of the seriousness of such offenses.

Leicestershire Police, where the harassment was reported, affirmed its commitment to taking incidents of harassment extremely seriously. Creasy argues that without a provision to remove social services records, an unjust notion of “no smoke without fire” continues to persist.

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By proposing the amendment, Creasy aims to establish a systematic procedure for erasing malicious reports from individuals’ records. She hopes that its successful implementation will encourage more women to actively participate in politics, shedding light on the need to protect family members and staff from targeted harassment to stifle debates.

Creasy underscores the significance of free speech, stating the importance of fostering an environment that promotes open conversations without fear of intimidation or harassment.

In conclusion, Stella Creasy’s proposed amendment seeks to address the distressing issue of “malicious” social services reports. The legislation aims to provide a pathway for removing false and targeted allegations, ultimately safeguarding individuals from unjust consequences arising from harassment.

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