Stefano Tacconi, the tender shot from the hospital: a heartbreaking memory (photo)

The sweet and tender update of Stefano Tacconi’s status. As is known, the former Juventus goalkeeper and champion continues to slowly recover after health issues.

Several months ago, in April of 2022, Stefano Tacconi was the victim of a rather serious health problemWhich still shows its repercussions on the former soccer player today. One of the strongest and most outstanding Italian goalkeepers ever made all his fans shudder.

Stefano Tacconi –

Let’s first reconstruct the story: Stefano Tacconi became very ill last springwhile he was with his son Andrea near an event he had to attend near his home.

Strong attack identified as Sudden cerebral ischemia. Young Andrea immediately called for help and helped his father, Stefano, save himself. Hospitalized in Alessandria Hospital, the former goalkeeper underwent surgery and little by little managed to overcome the worst, emerging from the conservative prognosis.

Obviously, after such a powerful and risky health problem, Tacone’s rehabilitation is long and tiring. But in the latest updates from his son Andrea, who has always been very close to his father, reassuring news has arrived that the former Juventus champion is getting better and better.

Shot from the hospital: Stefano Tacconi and the memory of the great Lucio Dalla

always Andrea TacconiGreat son StevenFinally, give a brief update on conditions From the father, but this time without going into details. He did so using his Instagram profile as usual, which is teeming with news and photos dedicated to the former goalkeeper.

The snapshot posted in the last few hours, under Stories, is about The hospital room in Alessandria where Tacconi is undergoing a long rehabilitation, both motor and cognitive, after suffering from ischemia. The road is tough, but the closeness of family, friends, and doctors is paying off.

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The photo Andrea posted is a double tribute: first and foremost a Father Stefano Tacconi, accented in the picture with many hearts next to it, as if to symbolize the great affection and love for his family. Then for an artist beloved by all, that is Lucio Dallaa Bolognese singer-songwriter who died eleven years ago.

heels of
Tacconi and the TV show on Lucio Dalla –

it was actuallyMarch 1, 2012 When suddenly, due to a heart attack, Dala left this earth while on tour in Switzerland. A devastating loss for our local musicians, but also for the millions of fans and fans passionate about his amazing songs. Among them is Stefano himself Taconywho was in the form of his son Andrea intending to watch a television program in memory of Lucio Dalla.

Furthermore, in the hospital room where Takuni is still in the hospital, A beautiful framed picture of the family is visible From the former goalkeeper, several years ago. An image that keeps company and gives strength to the Juventus flag in the most difficult moments.

Andrea’s testimony about Stefano Tacconi’s illness

It was on the 23rd of April last year when near Asti, in Piedmont, Stefano Tacconi was the victim of a sudden ischemiaeven if the former goalkeeper began to have a severe headache a few hours before the attack.

Some time ago, he told his son Andrea exactly how things went before the charity event they both participated in: He woke up with a bit of a headache. Eat breakfast, eat ok. He didn’t have anything serious, we weren’t worried. Two hours later he suddenly collapsed. Fortunately, I immediately called the emergency services.”

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