Stefano Masini’s “Lehmann Trilogy” is turned into a TV series

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November 30, 2021

from Giovanni Tullis

The theatrical show that also broke Broadway will test a new life

theatrical performance Lyman trilogy from Stefano Masini Which tells the story of the three Lehmann brothers, from their arrival from Germany in New York in 1844 to the 2008 bankruptcy of the global financial services company they founded, will soon be adapted into a new television series.

The production and distribution house will produce the show Fandango.

Lyman trilogy It was such a hit not only in Italy, but also abroad that the original work was re-proposed in many theaters around the world. It has also become one of the most successful shows in recent years Broadway Thanks to the version that was able to make an Oscar and a Tony Sam Mendes.

The TV series that will now be developed by Lyman trilogy Masini will see himself as a personal participant as a moderator. Domenico Procacci, number one in Fandango, conducted by the magazine diverse Commenting on the project, he first spoke of the project’s uniqueness in this way: “It is very rare for an Italian theater work to be able to set up this kind of exhibition outside Italy” and then praised Masini himself for his success “to tell a story effectively that does not have Italian elements, because most of it takes place in the United States”.

In the Italian play, directed by Luca RonconiThe three Lehmann brothers were played by Massimo De Frankovic, Fabrizio Givoni and Massimo Popolizio. So far, however, the composition of the cast has not been announced.

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