Stefano Domenicali: Kyalami could return to F1

The Kyalami . Circuit It was one of the most important dates in the Formula 1 calendar between the sixties and eighties with South African Grand Prix. 1993, was his last race. Stefano DomenicaliHowever, the F1 chief executive says there will be a lot of interest from the track side to return to the best racing calendar.

We’ve gotten interest from Kyalami to get back on the calendar. Obviously, we’ve talked to them to see if they’re ready, technically and financially, to include them in the calendar, so the discussions are there. We have received other inquiries from other countries in Africa. At the moment I can’t say more than thatDomenicali told CNN.

Stefano Domenicali
Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1

F1: Kyalami could return according to Stefano Domenicali

As reported in a dedicated article, 2022 will also host its first race in Miami which will take place exactly on May 8. Domenicali said he wanted to have more races than the 23 currently scheduled for the 2022 season. Then the F1 chief executive expressed interest in publishing the calendar in new places around the world, even if it resulted in some traditional dates being scrapped. in Europe.

How much do we want in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East? I see fewer GPs in Europe, more in the US and more in the Middle East and Asia. It’s something that’s part of business evolution and that’s entertainment. Of course, we understand the importance of tradition and give you the ingredients for the future. But if you live by tradition, you will not live long. We must lay the foundations for the future‘, Stefano Domenicali said during an interview two months ago in GQ Magazine.

Also in 2022, Zandvroot has been added to the schedule, and later in the year Saudi Arabia will host its first Formula 1 race. There is a possibility that Doha will get a race as well. We just have to wait for the next few weeks and see if more information is revealed.

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Kyalami . Circuit
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