Stefano Di Berry, Chef Australia: ‘I immigrated with my brother, and now I talk about local flavors on TV’

Stefano de Berry, born in 1974
Stefano de Berry, born in 1974, leads the Food Bowl in Australia

In Australia a celebrity, it is called Stefano de Berry And left from Dawson in Treviso area In the 1974 He follows in the footsteps of his brother Sergio. It hasn’t stopped since. It is a constant escalation of life experiences and work successes. On the other side of the world he completed his studies, Graduated from University of Melbourneis found love of his lifeDonata, Italian-Australian. He’s built a family as well as a career studded with success that has taken him around the planet on his own A dual role of a chef and a true food ambassador. Between TV, books, and interviews, he continues his unstoppable rise of stories about food, dishes, and ingredients, and he knows how to make conversation. In his latest program on Australian Food, he takes Australians to discover one of the most productive regions in the country, the Murray Darling Basin Where he settled in 1991, where he ran Stefano’s Café. A must for those who wish to learn more about fine dining before venturing into the Australian outback.

Who is Stefano de Berry?
The 67-year-old has not stopped believing in his dreams.

What brought you to Australia?
My brother Sergio. I was not happy at the Conegliano School of Oenology. But I was fine before at Turazza. I think looking back, it was adolescence. “Why don’t you come to Australia?” said my brother, seeing me very sad. He told me about his adventures, in our house there was a constant going and going of his artist friends, because he was already establishing himself in the world of music and … he convinced me.

What memory do you have of Italy that you decided to leave behind?
In the ’70s it was dark and I was fascinated by the fantasy that brought to life that decade of fantasies, dreams and possibilities. That freedom to be free. Thinking about it, there has never been a beautiful period in our history

What did you find in Australia when you arrived?
I didn’t live the life of an immigrant because I already had a whole network of relationships with my brother’s friends and acquaintances. My tenure was off to a soft and privileged start, I dare say. I went to high school and then Melbourne University which was limited

What did you do after college?
I have done many things. In 1984 she entered Australian politics and became a carrier in the Department of Ethnic Affairs. This is called. I have worked with a number of ministers and some prime ministers for about ten years. I was hoping to go back to Parliament but fate had other plans

what happened?
I met love. Goodbye Melbourne, moved 600 km south, to Mildura, also in Victoria. In this heaven the person who would later become my husband’s father ran a club, even if it’s a simplistic name to call it because it was a wonderful place full of possibilities. He suggested I be a manager, but I went to the kitchen instead. Under the tavern were the old cellars. I have created an underground pub. I wasn’t used to this heat, it was in 1991. I realized how much it has in common with my land… I was born in Cassier, on the Sile River. How romantic it used to be. There was a culture of carriage boats, boatmen were “colored”, and various fish I found here were caught. Fascinated by all these combinations, I let myself slip away and wrote a recipe book, “Gondola on the Murray River” which was my go-to. I ended up in the hands of an ABC Australia CEO, the equivalent of Ray and we took off on TV. More than thirty years later, it is still talked about in all respects. The figure has been sold in 60 countries around the world. It was one of my first cooking shows, and I pretended to go on an old bike and met Italians.

How would you describe your adventure in Mildura?
I worked out a lot physically. There were no experts, but there were consumers. I did everything myself and many young Italians who came here looking for luck helped me on this adventure.

any tales?
One day (laughs, editor’s note) I received a fax from an Italian looking for a job. Tell him to come too. I take it with me. He starts working in the kitchen, I see he knows how to do and he teaches me many things. its name? Leopards Leopards. He was a relative of the great Giacomo. He stayed with me for five years.

What is luck for you?
Being alive, working and living in a country is still fairly honest.

What is the recipe for his success?
The originality and experience that allowed me to get to know the flavor of our dishes. As the Greeks said, I have done many things within my limits.

How do you feel about a strong relationship with Veneto?
The city of Veneto that I am calling no longer exists, there is no longer the romantic beauty of the past. The memories remain vivid in our minds, I grew up in a peasant family. My family is known in the Treviso region for introducing the red radio. The first competition winner was my predecessor, Antonio de Berry, who worked for Count Dawson, let’s talk about the early twentieth century.

What ingredients do you think represent Treviso well?
The red beans, a good bean etc., obviously love the authentic and authentic stuff.

How long is no longer?
from january.

When does he come back, what is the first place he goes to?
Home, in Dawson, with my brother and I doing my tours that range from Valdobbiadene to Asolo. When he brings his foreign friends, he makes them happy. There is a lot of that potential…I love the rustic blade churches typical of the Veneto. I like to sit, enjoy and meditate in silence.

Tell us about your latest program in Australia.
A documentary focused on local producers, which I have met in the episodes recorded so far.

future projects?
I’m renovating a house where I want to step back in and be a source of energy behind the scenes.

Dreams in the stairs?
Live in peace and health. Go out and walk for hours along the river and listen to beautiful music. The real and honest pleasures of life

What is your motto?
Latin quote: esse quam videri, to be more than it seems.

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