Stefania Orlando promotes breast screening

This morning, Stefania Orlando underwent a breast examination to prevent breast diseases, and turned to her follow-up to invite them for periodic examinations related to this field.


This morning Stefania Orlando He said in his own Instagram Stories To be in the car in the direction of a specialized clinic to perform some detect Periodicals to prevent related diseases Other.

The singer and showgirl talked about the importance of a block The female world and awareness of its audience social On this issue, which is fundamental to salute subordinate a woman.

Screening as a preventive tool

19:00 & # 8211;  Stefania Orlando raises awareness about breast screening

This morning Stefania Orlando succumbed to some detect Architect Which, as the singer and showgirl herself told her, she undergoes every year, giving high priority to female protective activity, which is fundamental to the health of the individual.

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As confirmed by himself Stefania Orlando, Controls for the prevention of breast disease are necessary for women from a certain age onwards, in fact, the previous jevina invites everyone who follows it, at the age when breast examination is important, to undergo it:

“Turning to the women: today I do the breast examination, I have visits every year for prevention, and today I go to see them, I am always a little scared when I go but you have to do it and so in the meantime think well and do it too, if you are obviously of the right age To do so, but it never hurts anyway.

Stefania Orlando for prevention

19:00 & # 8211;  Stefania Orlando raises awareness about breast screening

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after examination , Stefania Orlandoaccompanied by her husband, Simon GianlorenziUpdated his profile follower on results detect, all positive, and once again urging women to submit Regulations Leagues to encourage block:

“The detect They did a great job there blockPlease always and anyway.”

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