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This morning the Brescia State Police notified the precautionary measure of disqualification against coach Stefania Fogliata, a rhythmic gymnastics coach who works in a gym in Calcinato, of the offense of aggravated abuse following reports of alleged abuse. Searches going on in the gym

disqualification measure

Ban entry to all gyms and national grounds Coach Stefania Fogliata. This morning, agents of the State Police, at the request of the Public Prosecutor Alessio Bernardi, notified the preventive preventive measure againstRhythmic gymnastics coach who works at a sports facility in Calcinato. According to what emerged from the decree, the evidence gathered in recent months would have confirmed the circumstantial picture and explained why young gymnasts have abandoned the Bassa Bresiana Academy despite having sporting growth margins, even at the international level.

Episodes that were to start from 2007

The investigative activity of the State Police, which lasted for more than three months, led to a dispute over alleged illegal conduct against eight underage girls (aged 10 to 14). In such a context it is worth mentioning The investigation was born out of a complaint last August by two athletes who stopped playing sports because of the coach’s alleged attitudes.And. The rhythmic gymnastics coach accused Stefania Fogliata of mistreatment, which was exacerbated by the young age of the eight people involved in the case. Episodes that would have been running from 2007 to todayBut The hack happened in September When agents of the Mobile Division of the Brescia Police Headquarters collected the secrets of a mother regarding the alleged illegal behavior of coach Stefania Fogliata during training towards her daughters and other young gymnasts between the ages of 10 and 14.

Searches in the Calcinato gymnasium

Meanwhile, in these minutes, they are running Searches carried out by the State Police of the Calcinato gym where Stefania Fogliata works as a rhythmic gymnastics coach. The agents took the woman’s computers and cell phones and into the gym trying to verify what was said in the complaints. In her decree, Francesca Grassani, magistrate of the Court of Brescia, spoke of a series of insults and insults to which were added beatings.

The words of a young athlete: I don’t want to step on the scale every day, I want a normal life

In these hours, some details of the story emerge. Specifically, some telephone secrecy from an athlete from Stefania Fogliata, which she gave to another person on August 6-7, 2022 and which emerged from the forensic IT analyzes of the consultant appointed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Brescia on the devices handed over to the investigators. I want to separate myself from this world, – emphasized the young gymnast, – I don’t want to step on the scales every day, I don’t want to change my mood in the morning if I see myself a little puffy in the mirror, I don’t want to go to a private school in the evening tired, I want to I get a good education to go to university, I want to go out with my friends in the afternoon, go to school in the morning, and study in the afternoon, I don’t want to make my parents spend more money, I want a normal life. But the minor also confided in her difficulties in telling the episodes to her parents and recounted her frustrations, even if she added: I do not want to continue. […] Even if an idiot does her job like everyone else in Italy in the sense that her exercises are my style after all and that’s the only thing I’m still here for.

Confederation: The Federal Prosecutor’s Office will also order a disqualification procedure against Stefania Fogliata

The trainer is not under contract with the federation and therefore is not a federal technician. Clarification from the Italian Gymnastics Federation regarding Stefania Fogliata. Federginnaastica was careful to point out that Fogliata only has certification as a corporate technician since 2020. The company he works for (Nemesi Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy in Calcinato), founded in 2016 and affiliated to FGI only in 2021, is an independent private entity and not under control. Direct to the union – writes the union again -. The company’s affiliation and technical membership to Federginnastica by those directly concerned for the year 2023 have not been renewed. In view of the provision of the Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office – deduced from the union – the Federal Prosecutor’s Office also announces that it will order a disqualification procedure against this technique. While waiting for a full picture of the investigations to be obtained, the club’s position in terms of objective responsibility and direct responsibility for the failure to supervise what was done to the manager will also be assessed. The federation continues to offer maximum cooperation to the prosecutors of Brescia and Monza and places the utmost confidence in ordinary and sporting justice.

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