Steam removes Idle Bloodlines, another game with AI-generated content

steam It has been removed from its catalog Idle strainsIt is an indie role-playing game with content generated using tools based onartificial intelligence. The reason must always be of a legal nature, ie the impossibility for the development team to prove that they own the copyright to the game material.

valve He made clear how he intends to handle games with AI-generated elements in a recent post explaining Steam’s ban on certain games: “Our goal is not to discourage their use on Steam; on the contrary, we are working to understand how to incorporate them into our existing review policies. Simply put, our review process is a reflection of current copyright laws and policies, not our position.”

The AI ​​problem with Idle Bloodlines

Image via Idle Bloodlines
Image via Idle Bloodlines

Valve added that developers need to make sure they have all rights to the material used in their games if they want to release it on Steam. Developers Idle Bloodlines used AI-generated visuals for the game because they felt it fit their chosen style better, as explained on Reddit: “This game was built using AI-generated assets, and therefore goes against new policies Steam. At the beginning of development, I used purchased assets, but they didn’t quite fit into the aesthetics of the game world.

It should be emphasized that the purchased graphic resources are not used to generate new images by artificial intelligence. Whatever the case, pops-oclock, the development studio, ambivalently agrees with Steam’s decision to ban its game, because it understood the nature of the problem. That is, Valve may face significant lawsuits from graphic resource inventory sites, such as Clashused to train artificial intelligence.

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