Steam gives you a free-to-play, fast-paced space shooter

PC users who have an account on steam can now be taken advantage of New free gamethat once redeemed will be yours forever.

Fans who prefer to play with mouse and keyboard for games (which Top Amazon multiply), or even with their consoles but on PC, they will therefore have the possibility to download a new gift at no additional cost.

Already a few days ago the Valve catalog would have A very welcome gifta new 3D fighter platform available for free.

However, now it’s the turn of a completely different game, a space shooter that will delight fans of the genre to which it belongs: we are talking about space runaway.

space runaway It is actually described as An exciting intergalactic journey in style Hell bullet. Enemy ships, lasers and massive bosses will attack you at full speed, in an authentic 16-bit arcade experience like few others.

But not only: space runaway It is an indie game developed by Soleil Ltd. Thanks to 110 Industries SA, which features 7 unique levels That will test your reflexes.

The title is also included as Small arcade game inside Wanted aliveNow available completely free of charge.

If you think about it, all you have to do is click on File this is the address And click “Start Game” on the appropriate banner that you find in the middle of the page. After that, there will be nothing left to do but launch into the intergalactic action from the respective address.

Staying on topic, we remind you of that On Xbox Game Pass, you can download it, too Football storya new and curious RPG that will take you to become a soccer goalkeeper.

But that’s not all: unfortunately, Epic Games recently published bad news that also involves players on Steam: in fact, it seems that The servers of as many as 13 games have been officially shut down.

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