Steam gives you 6 free games, but you have to be quick to download them

the free games Always a pleasure, h When they get to Steam, they’re six, tooI’m even more than that.

It is of course about Games offered for a whilewhich will allow you to access full standard versions of new titles and have fun with your friends in multiplayer, whether you prefer to play with keyboard and mouse (find a wide choice on Amazon) or using a more traditional console.

Players should You are often on the lookout for Steam Dealsbecause the digital store often offers free games on weekends, for example.

And hoping your computers aren’t among the ones the store no longer works with, here’s a Six free games that you can recover.

The six titles, available from now until an indefinite moment, are one A very special choice.

You can start downloading your new free games for the weekend directly on Steam via the following official links and clicking the button “start the game” or “add to library” For later download only:

As mentioned, it’s not clear when these six games will still be free on Steam, so, if in doubt, go for it. We advise you to retrieve it as soon as possible before the offer ends.

on steam also arrived The most famous Nintendo emulator, in an announcement that surprised us. It likely won’t last, but it will be interesting to see when it goes against the Big N.

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Sure we can see Metroid Prime I pray in a new splendorsince recently Remastered It has already proven on PC that it can be much nicer.

The Valve Store has had a bad time in the past few days as well because of… The Last of Us Part Oneits PC version It’s such a disaster that he had to give it back to everyone.

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