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New name for the World Water Polo Association. new international event World Aquatics will take the name of the World CupThe draw will take place for two places for the 2024 World Championship, which will be held in Doha.

The first round of this edition will be held from March 8 to 14, with the participation of twelve participating teams, divided into two groups. The top three in each group will advance to the finals. Calendar paired Italy’s Sandro Campagna in the first group, which will take place in Zagreb; The opponents of the Azorean national team will be Japan, Hungary, France and the United States. In the second group, Podgorica, the organizers are Montenegro with Serbia, Greece, Georgia, Australia and Spain.

The calendar is finally out and we can’t wait to play – says the technical commissioner – We will play by the new rules and we have to see the tactical developments that might happen during the match. It will be a very important test for the Fukuoka World Championships. It will be a very important week because we won’t have many other opportunities to see each other before the world race. We will assess the situation in the middle of the competitive year“.

2023 World Cup calendar

The first group, Zagreb

March 8th
17:30 Italy and Japan
19:00 Croatia – USA
20:30 France-Hungary

March 9th
19.00 Croatia – France
20:30 USA and Japan

March 10th
19:00 Hungary – Italy
20:30 France and the United States

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March 11th
19:00 Italy – Croatia
20:30 between Japan and Hungary

March 12th
19:00 Croatia – Japan
20:30 France – Italy

March 13
19:00 USA – Hungary
20:30 between Japan and France

March 14th
19:00 Italy and the United States
20:30 Hungary – Croatia

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