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Starting today, no Covid vaccination will be required to enter the United States. • PRESSKIT

“The Administration will end COVID-19 vaccine requirements for federal employees, federal contractors, and international air travelers late on May 11, the same day the COVID-19 public health emergency ends,” the US government wrote in a note.

The decision was made for the following reasons:

Since January 2021, deaths from COVID-19 have decreased by 95% and hospitalizations have decreased by approximately 91%. Globally, deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus are at their lowest levels since the beginning of the pandemic. After a government-wide effort that resulted in a record number of nearly 270 million Americans receiving at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are at a different point in our response to COVID-19 than we are today. These requirements are put in place.

We have also instituted vaccination requirements for some international travelers to slow the spread of new variants entering the country and to give our healthcare system time to effectively manage access to care if you experience increased cases and hospitalizations.

We’ve successfully orchestrated a response to make historic investments in widely available vaccines, tests, and treatments to help us fight COVID-19. While vaccination remains one of the most important tools for promoting employee health and safety and promoting effective workplaces, we are now at a different point in our response when these measures are no longer necessary.

This is the full message: Facilities approved by international travelers, educators and CMS/

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