Starfield will not just be Skyrim in space but much more, for Matt Booty –

interview with Matt Botty, President of Xbox Game Studiosalso by the Friends Per Second podcast on ongoing productions within Bethesda and beyond starfield A brief paragraph also appeared in which a Microsoft man wanted to explain how It’s not just Skyrim in spacebut something richer and more sophisticated.

The definition has been resonating for a long time now, considering that Bethesda has its own playstyle now created with the The Elder Scrolls series and the idea of ​​being involved in a sci-fi RPG immediately got us thinking of a kind of spatial. Digression from the more famous saga.

On the other hand, even the developers did not shy away from the comparison, they previously reported that there may be connection points and that it is not appropriate to consider Skyrim in space, although it is also legitimate. richer and wider for what has been done so far.

Matt Botti wanted above all else to reiterate this last remark, explaining how the comparison is somewhat reductive for Starfield: “I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Todd Howard and others in the past year and a half, to see how the head of Xbox Game Studios said.

“I’m sure none of them would want to stick with what was built before,” Booty said, “not their style of recreating something that has already been done. There will be a lot of new things to do. Lee is indeed the approved visual style.”

In the same interview, as previously reported, it also emerged that the Starfield release date is expected to be after the Redfall date, pending more accurate communications.

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