Starfield: Todd Howard explained how the thousands of planets to visit were made

in starfield Players will be able to visit more than 1000 planetsdistributed in single star systems, as announced at the Xbox Summer Showcase in June 2022. That’s a really big amount, and development studio director Todd Howard wanted to explain Technique made by Bethesda.

The opportunity to do so was an appearance on the Starfield Signal podcast, where the famous game designer shared some new information about the game.

Basically, for the Starfield planets, Bethesda used a new development technique, creating large chunks of terrain, many of which were enriched with hand-crafted structures and various signature items. Then he took them and used them to coat the surface of the planets, blending them together in the process.

So Starfield planets were not created procedurally, like the one in No Man’s Sky, although it will obviously also be enriched with procedural elements. It remains to be seen how exploreable they will be and what the purpose of doing so is.

To find out you don’t have to wait long, because the game will be Launched out September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. In the meantime, we’ll see it in action during the Starfield Direct on June 11, 2023, which will air right after the Xbox show.

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