Starfield, released in 2021? Microsoft already has ads ready –

Let’s get back to talking about Starfield But, again, just in terms of rumors, given that real news about the Bethesda game is still in short supply unlike the heavily circulated rumors, in this case with alleged insider information that Microsoft Prepared one Promotional campaign For a game with already acquired spaces for 2021.

The news comes from XboxEra Podcast, Of which information appeared in the past that later proved correct but with a historian who does not make it completely reliable anyway. The alleged insider in question, “Shpeshal Ed”, has been very active lately and has been taken into consideration recently especially because he has meticulously presented the Final Fantasy 7 Remake predictions presented in the PS Plus games.

Beyond that, we can’t say it’s a reliable source in a certain way, however, podcasts who lead with others often gather interesting information, so let’s see what has emerged this time.

At around 1:30 a.m. in the video, around, it was reported that Microsoft was already anticipating the Starfield roadshow, having already organized several initiatives. marketing For 2021. In particular, we are talking about a purchase Advertising Television and not by the end of the year, which may indicate an upcoming release of Bethesda.

Anyway, as usual, official news on Starfield is scarce: just a few hours ago a potential conceptual art related to the production of the title Bethesda appeared, which according to some could be introduced at E3 2021.

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