Starfield, new image of the game Leaked Online? –

Starfield He may have shown himself elsewhere picture, Apparently, too It was leaked online On the Internet but it is always placed on the line between humor and reality, it seems, so it is not easy to understand whether or not these materials are original.

This is a very similar screenshot to the other previously leaked screenshots, as you can see below, it looks kind of like Space station Also seen previously from another perspective, allowing you to read the word ‘LAB’ correctly.

Again, according to reports, this is a photo that dates back to one build del 2018 And it seems to be kind of an example, too Origin To be used in the game more than the real gameplay scene, provided all of this is evident with a minimum of credibility.

Images similar to this appeared in a previous leak that appeared in several transmissions but these are clearly not previously confirmed material Bethesda, Which continues to maintain strict secrecy about Starfield after its first logo announcement and nothing else.

In this case, the photo comes from a NeoGAF forum user who basically reports that he’s not even an insider and that he is simply “spending a lot of time on the Internet”, so it’s not clear how he found the material in question. Anyway, as we did with the previous items, we’re also reporting that, which at least seems to show certainty Continuation Compared to the initial leak.

In short, it is not clear if it is a joke, fake or something else, but at the moment there is absolutely nothing else in Starfield, so we also suggest this questionable photo shown below, pending Information It may arrive later in the year, bearing in mind that some say the game may be over by 2021.

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Starfield, another screenshot of the game’s space base?

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