Starfield is halfway between No Man’s Sky and the Outer Wilds, away from Mass Effect for rumor –

Starfield It will be somewhere in between No Mans Sky e Outer prairieRather than a similar experience as an experience Mass effect: A Resetera forum user wrote it based on some information that he would have been informed of.

It will likely be released in 2021, since Microsoft already has announcements ready, Starfield according to this source will be present atE3 2021 For official disclosures before the fall launch. And he is, in fact, convinced by many insiders.

This user wrote: “Starfield will attend the show.” “Obviously, the game will be more focused onspace exploration Instead of suggesting a science fiction story: Think of something between No Man’s Sky and the Outer Wilds more than a thought of Mass Effect. “

The author of the post specified that this information is based on the few details that his sources have sent him recently, and therefore must be taken into account, but we will soon find out how it really works.

Actually one Formal offer Starfield during E3 2021 is the most likely possibility, should the game debut by the end of this year.

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