Starfield as Skyrim in space, “Han Solo simulator,” says Todd Howard –

starfield considered as one Skyrim in space, or a “Han Solo Simulator”, as I mentioned before Todd Howard, President of Bethesda, in an in-depth study published by The Washington Post shortly after the game was presented at E3 2021, complete with video with background presentation, shown below.

The great protagonist at the Xbox conference and Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021, Starfield finally showed himself with a presentation trailer and an official release date, set for November 22 2022, to assert itself as Microsoft exclusive on PC and Xbox Series X | S, coming to Xbox Game Pass.

According to Howard, Starfield was organized as a type of Skyrim in space, specifically a Extremely open world RPG, although there are no details about the game’s structure and the description Howard gave on this occasion seems a bit of a simplification made for the general and non-sector press.

However, the particularly personal description of the head of Bethesda, who sees the new game as a “Han Solo simulation,” condensed into this sentence, various elements at the base of the project: Starfield was born from the magic of that space and the business of NASA I’ve always trained on Howard and others within Bethesda, extensively at this new title.

Starfield is also Bethesda’s first all-new, unissued IP address in 25 years now, and is built on new engine And she’s destined to be a really cool generation leap for the company. “Ride a ship, explore the galaxy, and do exciting things,” Howard sums up the game’s mechanics, in apparent simplification.

The idea is to organize humanity’s “ultimate journey” into space, roughly 300 years into the future. To find an exact location in Starfield, Bethesda created a kind of invented timeline about the future, in order to put events in a meaningful context. The peculiarity of the game is the fact that science fiction is put in a somewhat style أسلوب realisticAs evidenced by the technology represented between the ships as well as the robot Vasco that accompanies the hero.

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