Stardust, in 2022 on esports and new content houses: Revenews

We spoke to the founders of Stardust SpA in 2021 and about all the new projects planned for 2022.

to me stardust spa 2021 is definitely a year to frame. Moreover, to hear the name stardust It’s hard not to immediately think about the world of influencers and celebrities House. However, Stardust SpA is much more than that, and in Italy it is now a guarantee in the field ofImpact on Marketing.

And I think it all started, a few years ago, with music. «We noticed – explains Simon Giacomeni (CEO and Founder) – That a company like Sony Music lacks amplification. On the contrary, every TikTok video has music playing in the background. What happens if we collect 100 influencers by playing a song in batches? ».

So it was Stardust’s first contact specifically with Sony Music who gave Experiment (let’s call it that) with the song split by Don Joe. “The piece was not in the rankings – says Giacomeni – and in no time at all reached 23rd place on Spotify.” But how do you manage, instead, a world-famous song? “We tried the same method with watermelon sugar By Harry Styles – explains Giacomini – and the song remained in the charts for six months. Now we work with all disciplines.” There is also a project related to Sanremo and the opening of a space in Milan 2000 square meters dedicated to music.
It’s a work in progress – however, founders Simone Giacomeni (CEO), Antonino Mayra, Alan Tonetti, Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, Ettore Dore confirmed – which has led to a turnover 9 million euros.

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Stardust House and new projects in Dubai and the United States of America

Stardust House

starting right Content House, the first in Italy, born on the American model of Disney. With the difference that the heroes come from social networks and YouTube with the intention of providing them with the necessary settings to become a star. A growing international view sees Stardust working to open new homes in the US and Dubai starting next year. “There will be two different projects to attract more audiences – the founders expect – with Dubai being the home of the first ever reality show on Social networks with local influencersWith a lot of challenges and exclusions, of course, and with people who “not only have numbers, they also have something to say.” However, in the USA, the format would be inspired by the coordination of Beauty. A “hymn to beauty” they define, without spoiling much.

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Giorgio Panarelo, From Bomer to Zumer

Meanwhile, it also reached the first Italian content house Giorgio Panareello, which (in collaboration with Friends & Partners) will debut on Twitch and TikTok in the first and 100% original digital format titled From Bomer to Zumer.

From Bomer to Zumer The experience tells that Giorgio will live for a week as an off-track tenant at Stardust House. a full immersion With Generation Z and the talents that inhabit it, with the goal of learning everything there is to know about TikTok and social networks, between hilarious graphics and viral dance. Every day’s progress and emotions will be told every night on Twitch via an original live show.

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Starworks, because training is also necessary

February would be a good time for StarworksThe first academy to train new influencers in Italy. Starting in the second half of the month for three weekends, six Italian cities, from north to south, will be the protagonists of this new adventure intended for all young people who want to start their influencer marketing path. The first stops will be in Milan, Naples, Rome, Palermo, Venice and Bari. The project was born of a will Matthew Brilli (Customer Partner and Strategy di Stardust).


“With this project we have tried to provide a definite answer to many young people who want to engage in one of what is considered the profession of the future. We look forward to being able to open the doors to this first phase of the project and expand it further during 2022.”

Starworks It will provide all its students with exclusive courses in online marketing, creative writing, storytelling, video and photo editing through the collaboration of selected teachers. Intensive courses last 12 hours, divided into two days of continuous lessons.

Dsyre, the world of e-sports

Stardust also enters the world Sports with sour.

“The limitation of the esports world is that it only talks to the esports world. – said Andrea Sibley, co-founder of the team with Emmanuel de Leyva – With Dsyre we want to bring together the world of communication, entertainment and the world of professional gaming. And make sure the esports world can really talk up, reach out, and hit anyone.”

Dsyre is not just one game houseBut it’s a true academy that combines professional gaming with the world of communication, design (the brand was created in collaboration with London designer Kwaku Amprako) and content creation. On the heels of the highly successful Stardust House experiment. A new reality that could already have 6 teams competing in major national and international tournaments, including It is an electronic game e FIFA. A few months after its birth, the Dsyre team has already qualified for the Italian final of TFT and Valorant and, on the occasion of the last games week, took second place in the championship valuation The third step of the platform is in TFT.

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Specifically with this in mind, in 2022 a structure that hosts team players will open and revolutionize the concept of game house in Italy by creating a true content center dedicated to the gaming world. In addition to being a training academy for live broadcast creators and professional gamers, Dsyre will also be involved in video production, fashion, art and design. To celebrate the birth of the Dsyre team, the first dedicated NFT blockchain was created (visible in the title www.dsyre.com/nft): a design work on display at the Museo della Permanente in Milan – from 23 November 2021 to 6 February 2022 – within Gallery Dart2121, the world’s first NFT Museum exhibition, accompanied by works by the greatest artists of digital art and Renaissance paintings.

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