Starbucks opened in Verona at the Pellicciai معرض

The place to open in Verona (Fotoland)

After dedicating a special blend of lovers to the famous American coffee chain Verona Starbucks Getting ready to land in downtown Romeo and Juliet.

Starbucks location in the center of Verona

Strategic location: Galleria dei Pellicciai, On the corner across the Quattro Spade, a stone’s throw from Piazza ErbeIn the spaces occupied by the Aquila Nera bar restaurant until it closed three years ago. The siren is already displayed on the outside windows Stylized two-tailed, white on a green background, distinctive logo of the brand also famous for its frappuccino. Arriving in Verona comes three years after Starbucks first landed in Italy: No definitive opening date yet, but Works are already underway and applications are being considered to hire employees. Scaligero will be one first store From the chain of cafes of historical stars and bars that will appear for the first time in Veneto. The reassuring mottos of the Verona office have already been chosen: my new office, my new home, while online it is possible to consult the list and detailed description of the professionals to be hired, from the store manager to the store manager the place up to the rest of the staff.

Other openings

The opening of the Seattle made coffee brand has been announced for quite some time, and so it looks set to come true quickly in the living room of the lovers capital, after the end of March and the beginning of April Starbucks has opened two more venues in Italy, one in Turin and one in the province of Rome. Already in 2016, the famous American coffee chain announced its cooperation with the Percassi Group to open the first stores in our country: a project that is gradually turning into a reality, while Starbucks, on the contrary, is in the midst of a real union storm in the United States.

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Union Storm in the United States

The rebellion going on outside can be defined as the rebellion of the bartenders: it continues, in fact, between low shutters and hanging shifts, Starbucks employees’ battle for the right to form a union. In the United States, strikes don’t stop to demand representation that makes workers’ voices heard. So far, more than 55 protests have been held in 17 US states. According to Starbucks Workers United, the organization that sprang up from below to protect the coffee giant’s employees, The strikes cost the company about $375,000 in revenue. In June 2022, the union created a $1 million fund to support Starbucks workers during strikes, and several strike assistance funds were set up to support workers who lost their jobs. Delicate setting, after the historic American coffee chain founded in Seattle in 1971 Already announced on July 31 the closure in the United States for security issues of 16 cafes.

Expansion project in Italy that extends to Verona

All the other news, more positive, is instead in Verona where at the Pellicciai fair the debut of the largest chain of its kind in the world is expected, With 28,720 stores in 78 countries, of which 12,000 are in the United States. Starbucks outlets sell exclusively Your brand of coffee (ground or bean), Beverages, pastries, utensils and coffee machines, but the company’s main goal is to provide the consumer experience, which is to provide a unique service to its customers that they will not find in other brand cafes. In addition to the local classic, Starbucks has also developed a certain concept store, roaster. The first Starbucks store was opened by three men who attended the University of San Francisco: Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Siegel, a history teacher, and writer Gordon Bowker. An empire was born there.

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