Star Wars: The Acolyte begins filming in the UK

Andor It’s currently in the middle of its first season on Disney+, but this isn’t the only Star Wars series fans need to look forward to. The long-awaited third season of The Mandalorian Debuts in February, as well Ahsokadriven b Rosario Dawson, is coming. he is Ahsoka that The ship’s crew with Jude Law They started production, and they’re not the only ones. The slate of upcoming live-action shows will include The Acolyte, which has begun production in the UK. Acolyte is designed by model Leslye Headland, co-creator of Russian Doll.

According to the Bespin Bulletin, the assistant Production began at Shinfield Studios. In a recent interview, Headland described the series as a mystery thriller set in a seemingly prosperous and peaceful era. He also confirmed that the series is set about 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. The new series stars Amandla Stenberg and stars Lee Jung-jae (Squid), Judy Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim), Manny Jacinto (The Good Place) and Charlie Barnett (Russian Doll).

“A lot of these characters aren’t even born yet,” Hedland explained. We take a look at the political, personal, and spiritual aspects that took place in a time period that we don’t know much about. When I watched The Phantom Menace, I always wondered, “How did I get to this point?” How did I get to the point where a Sith lord could sneak into the Senate and not see any of the Jedi? what happened? What scenarios have brought us to this moment? “.

“She’s a huge Star Wars fan,” Kathleen Kennedy previously said of the author. “The cool thing about Leslie is that she knows it all. I mean, he’s read a gazillion books about the European Union. There are a few things that she exploits that no one has yet explored in storytelling on screen.”

“The truth is, as a huge fan, I came to them with this idea. And I said, ‘I think the best place to put it is in an era that you haven’t explored yet,'” Headland revealed to Vanity Fair earlier this year. They were so excited. It’s not that They do not want to explore this world [esistente]but I think they were really doing it because The Mandalorian and many other TV projects were really based on characters inherited from the past.”

He continued, “I approached this project as a fan who was more interested in RPGs feeding into the Expanded Universe. I really got into the ’90s and then I got to know it.” [Star Wars:] Clone Wars. I knew the schedule well. And I said to myself, “I think if you want to explore Star Wars from the point of view of the bad guys, the best time to do that is when the bad guys are vastly outnumbered. When they’re basically underdogs, don’t use a better term. So that would be that era.”

Stay tuned for details about Star Wars: The Helper.

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