Star Trek: Miracle – TV Series (2021)

Star Trek Plot: Prodigy

Star Trek: Miracle It is an animated television series set in the world of the famous sci-fi franchise Star TrekCreated by Kevin And the Dan Hagman. This adventure drama follows a diverse group of teens who learn to work together to use an abandoned Starfleet ship and search for adventure. Captain Voyager Catherine Janeway prepares this assortment of young aliens in search of safety (voiced by a voice Kate Mulgrew), here is a hologram of emergency training embedded in the spaceship.
It’s 2383 and it’s been five years since USS Voyager returned to Earth at the end of Star Trek: Voyager. At the Tars Lamora penal colony, after confronting the USS Protostar, Dal R’El (Brit GrayAnd the on my block), non-conformist of unknown origin and unwavering positivity; Gwendala (Ella PurnellAnd the yellow jackets), from Vau N’Akat who dreamed of exploring the stars while growing up on her father’s bleak mining planet; Jancom Pugh (Jason MantzoukasAnd the big mouth), Tilary loves heated debates and plays the devil’s advocate; Medosano Zero (Angus EmreAnd the the crown), an unfamiliar, genderless, energy-based being who wears a containment shield to prevent others from going crazy in his sight; morph (D. Bradley BakerAnd the peace maker), an indestructible point, very curious and with an insatiable appetite for ship parts; and the huge Rok-Tahk (Riley the blue), Bricard is as brilliant as he is timid; Take control of the ship to make their way from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant.

Curiosities about STAR TREK: Prodigy

Star Trek: Miracle It is the tenth series in the science fiction franchise Star Trekborn 1966, the fifth of the sub-franchise star trek universewhich was launched in 2007 by Paramount + (at that time CBS All Access) with Star Trek: Discovery. It is also the first series of Star Trek Intended for a young audience and also for the first animated series of the franchise to use only 3D animation. The series brings Kate Mulgrew back to the iconic role she played in the ’90s in Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Catherine Janeway, more accurately, a hologram of emergency training embedded in the USS Protostar spaceship. Additionally, Billy Campbell returns to play Thadion Okona, a mischievous leader who constantly escapes problems caused by his own tactics, who was portrayed in the 1988 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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