Star House Movie, plot, actors, staff, epilogue, where it is filmed

Four elderly film professionals are not persuaded to sell the willful villa to their young men.

Rai 3 The movie is titled star house. It’s a comedy movie.

production between Argentina And the SpainThe year of completion is 2019 and the duration is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

La casa delle stelle movie – direction, protagonists, where it was filmed

direction is Juan Jose Campanella. main heroes Mara Ordaz And the Norberto Imbert Interpreted straight by Graciela Borges And the Oscar Martinez. Also in the cast Louis Brandoni in turn Pedro de Cordova.

Filmed in Spainin particular a Madrid and neighboring sites in the province Catalonia.

production from 100 pars In cooperation with Television Federal And the Viacom International Studios.

The series is known internationally under the title El cuento de las comadrejas.

The home of movie stars where it was filmed

The House of Stars – The plot of the film was broadcast on Rai 3

The hero is the conspiracy Mara Ordaza star from the golden age of cinema still maintains her beauty intact. Mara She lives with her husband, the actor, who has spent his career in the shadow of his wife.

In an old villa abandoned by everyone, the couple settled with the screenwriter and film director he played Mara When she was at the peak of success. All this serves to keep the memory of the golden years at work intact and preserve the world they created, in which they so firmly believed despite all those who tried to tear it down.

The four characters tried to keep the entire universe unchanged for them and for the audience’s memory, it seemed to be completely lost in reality.

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In this poetic situation They lived for many years Until a young couple introduces themselves in the lives of the four. The two try to convince Mara to sell the case and return to the scene.

Final spoiler

However, the intentions of the spouses are completely different from those they disclosed to their interlocutors. In fact, they want to take possession of the property immediately and send the four elderly people to a nursing home.

However, the confused old men are not as stupid as they seem and react cleverly to the gentle performances of the young couple.

The ultimate movie star house

House of Stars: Full Cast

Below is the film crew star house And the characters played by the actors

  • Graciela Borges: Mara Ordaz
  • Oscar Martinez: Norberto Imbert
  • Louis BrandoniBy: Pedro de Cordova
  • Marcus Mundstock: Martin Saravia
  • Lake Clara: Barbara Otamendi
  • Nicolas Francilla: Francisco Gourmand
  • Cypriot almonds: Air hostess
  • Maru Zapata: Recepcionist
  • Anwar Yuma: Servant
  • Manuel Martinez Sobrado: Omar Ghassan
  • Eileen Doughty: Mara Joven
  • Nicholas Fury: Pedro Goffin
  • Adriana Garibaldi: Estella
  • Dana Gabriella Basso: vera

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