STALKER 2 at Microsoft’s event, GSC GameWorld explains what to show –

Stalker 2 It was cited as one of the headlines in Microsoft’s presentation dedicated to indie games on March 26th and that was enough to immediately raise the wait to guard levels, given how much the game in question remains on watch, which is why it came up The illustration by the team is interesting GSC GameWorld On the actual existence and materials Video is expected.

Apparently, there will be no real video of the game: despite Microsoft’s message generally speaking about “trailers and gameplay” related to many of the games that will be offered Xbox Series X | S And PC and among those there is also STALKER 2, it seems that there are no real video material taken from the game.

With the message contained in the tweet below, the team states that they intend to post a file Behind the Scenes Video Developed by STALKER 2, with an idea to roll it out starting with March 23Which coincides with the fourteenth anniversary of the series, and then repeated on the occasion of the show on March 26.

The video in question will likely contain various interventions by the developers, and maybe it will talk about the series in general and the new chapter but it does not seem to appear real. Game clips, According to reports by GSC GameWorld, thus avoiding feeding hype without reason.

With the message in question, the developers have also sprung up Three works of art Shown below, which probably always relates to new materials planned for March 26th. We already talked about STALKER 2 earlier this month with new details on region, single player and mods on Xbox Series X | S.

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