stable life? What you need to eat to keep the streak

Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle risk gaining weight, here is what they should eat to stay on a diet and maintain the figure.

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Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle risk gaining weight, here is what they should eat to stay on a diet and maintain the figure. Due to the hectic pace, we cannot spend free time and eat healthy food. Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle leads us to gain weight, precisely because we do not respect a balanced diet. But what to do to keep fit and keep it right line?

First, you need to drink a lot of water, at least a few liters a day, after which you should do some physical activity. For compelling reasons, however, we ignore the basics Proper nutrition and exercise. If we have a sedentary life, we sit for several hours a day and do not move much, and we do not burn the accumulated calories. What do you do and what do you eat?

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The correct diet for those who lead a sedentary life, the line is maintained as such

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Moving too little means not being able to burn all the calories. Here are some tips to keep fit. Eating three meals and two snacks is the way to go. For snacks, it will be convenient to eat Fruit or yogurt, just to break the hunger. For meals, just respect the rules of a rich, varied, as well as healthy Mediterranean diet.

A change of food is often best. even better Avoid fatty foodsand unwanted sweets that are high in sugar or salt. Skipping meals is also wrong, because it slows down the metabolism. A healthy breakfast is essential, so you don’t come too hungry for lunch.

Lunch doesn’t have to be overly elaborate, but it still needs to power you through the day. It is recommended to use whole pasta, vegetables, legumes, a slice of bread and fruit. Best for dinner Eat proteinThen eggs, meat or fish without exaggeration. Finally, a gentle, relaxing herbal tea to promote sleep.

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It’s small, simple rules that improve life and make us fit. Getting your body used to this diet is a good thing. But not only that, because it would also be appropriate to combine fast e light physical activity. Walking and some exercise at home without overdoing it can have many benefits. It is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Health also goes through small daily gestures.

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