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It seems Dublin But it’s Milan.

Also for this year, the Lombard capital has been transformed into colorful and festive Ireland to celebrate the second edition of Ireland Weekthe week dedicated to festivities in honor of Saint Patrick – the patron saint of Ireland – to be held in Milan from March 12 to 19, 2023.

program events So big it will allow Milanese and non-Milanans to discover Irish traditions, music, food and folklore right at home. Let’s find out more.

A party between music, dance, art, culture and food

There are many topics that Ireland Week It will take you through the streets of Milan.

In fact, there will be more than 50 dates on the calendar – most of them free – that will color different parts of the city green. Organized event Irish tourism It is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and the Irish Embassy in Italy.

The aim of Ireland Week in Milan is to tell the land of Oscar Wilde and Guinness beer in all its different cultural, artistic and culinary forms, through events large and small in different regions of Milan.

What can you do in Ireland week?

Music, literature, dance, cinema, traditions, gastronomy, sports, sustainability and lots of fun: these are the ‘ingredients’ of Ireland Week.

In fact, the program of events includes, among other things, traditional music concerts and live Irish dance performances with the famous buskers – characteristic street musicians – on different streets of the city.

Music lovers will also be able to attend a tribute concert dedicated to the art of cranberries.

Not only that, in the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema there will be a screening of many films free of charge or for only 5 euros, such as the long-awaited “Bono & The Edge”, on U2, and Gli Spiriti dell’isola with Colin Firth.

Irish culture will also be told in two different photographic exhibitions – on Via Dante and Corso Garibaldi – with a focus on the island’s traditions and the most famous cinematic locations.

The Irish idiot – a term that is difficult to translate but denotes the joy of being together, listening to music and sharing life – will be the protagonist of the event ‘Ireland, land of music, culture and history’, where poetic words ‘folktales’ will mix with music in a fun and dance show.

Among the heroes Ireland Week in Milan There is also food, with the possibility of trying products and dishes typical of the country’s culinary traditions and sharing some of the famous Irish brands such as Guinness, Baileys, Roe & Co and Kerry Gold.

Moreover, some Milanese restaurants will offer an Irish dish reinterpreted by Italian chefs in their menu.

Irish Week in Milan will also provide a rendezvous with Gaelic football, an ancient sport that is also a very fun and physical show.

The program includes a meeting between Sant’Ambrogio Milan and Leicester International Club from the United Kingdom.

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