Square Enix: “Studio Onoma” could be a new western studio from the publisher

Onoma studio It appears to be a new western studio from the Japanese publisher of Final Fantasy, Square Enix.

The company submitted a trademark for the study last week in the Canadian Trademarks Database.

According to the brand’s application, Studio Onoma will be primarily engaged in the design, development and publication of computer software and video games.

It will also be able to produce various products, including strategy guides, games, games and “especially action figures, [e] portable games“.

The trademark applicant is referred to as Square Enix Newko Ltd.It is a newly established company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

According to Companies House, Square Enix Newco was incorporated on April 19, 2022. The nature of its business is referred to as “computer game publishing“.

In May, the Swedish company Embracer announced that it had agreed to acquire a significant portion of Square Enix’s western development arm for $300 million, including Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal and an IP catalog including Tomb Raider. Thief.

At the same time, Square Enix has stated that it will continue to release some western games.

From now on, the company’s development function will include its studios in Japan, Square Enix’s overseas studios, and Sakura Enix Collective.‘, he stated.

Studies Abroad will continue to release franchises such as Just Cause, Outriders, and Life is Strange“.

Soon after, Square Enix said it plans to reshape its digital entertainment portfolio in part by creating new IP addresses and “Increase your game development skills by setting up new studios, mergers and acquisitions, etc.“.

The newly discovered Studio Onoma brand indicates that Square Enix is ​​already planning new Western studios while still in the process of selling previously owned studios.

source: VGC.

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