Square Enix: Low Sales in Fiscal Year, Points to Blockchain and NFT in the Future

Square Enix Released its financial results for the fiscal year just ended, showing a sharp decline in sales Concerning video games section and confirm Trust in the blockchain and NFT For the future of the company.

According to the financial documents published in these hours, Square Enix recorded net sales of 343.267 billion yen, a decrease of -6% in this regard compared to what was achieved in the previous fiscal year, while operating profits amounted to 44.331 billion yen, while operating profits amounted to 44.331 billion yen noticeable decrease -25.2% compared to the previous fiscal year.

So sales and profits have dropped dramatically, but it’s still an issue One of the best financial years Absolute for a company that expects a sharp rise with the start of the new financial year. For fiscal year 2024, which will end at the end of March 2024, Square Enix expects to reach $360 billion in net sales (+4.9%) and $55 billion in operating profit (+24.1%).

Indeed, during this fiscal year, it should release large-caliber titles like Final Fantasy 16 and possibly Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which should drive sales, but Square Enix still seems willing to invest a lot in other aspects.

In fact, the importance of blockchain and NFT to Square Enix’s future stands out, which has obviously remained unchanged despite a proposed change at the top of the company. The publisher intends to invest heavily in games and other blockchain-related initiatives in the near future, which is seen as a new emerging area to focus on in a certain way.

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