Sprint Dominicali: “The pole will be awarded to the winner on Saturday”

In 15 laps, today, you can close one The perfect qualification and in the first place. Booting into Q1, two attempts at Q2, and two critical attempts at Q3. Absolute speed per lap is what a qualified workout should be.

With sprint races to be tested in Silverstone, Monza and Interlagos, for statistical purposes, the time taken in the Friday qualifying session, valid for determining the Saturday sprint race network, will not be counted. Stefano Dominicali He confirms, in an interview with Michael Schmidt on Automotor und Sport, how the sprint race outcome will determine the top three.

Steering aside: F1 knockout

The sprint race, which will be held over laps of close to 100 km, is expected to be around 20, depending on the length of the track. Can it be equivalent to the concept expressed by “normal” qualification?

Pole is a race winner (CIT)

“As for the statistics, it’s very simple. The driver who wins the qualifying race on Saturday will take center stage. There will only be one winner and it will be on Sunday. In the future, we do not want to suggest this model in every Grand Prix, it should be a kind of Grand Slam for the selected events.Dominicali says.

Dominicali: “Sprint races to increase the intensity. Details in Imola”

Compensation, big teams to ask for more

At the negotiating table between F1 and the teams, there was also an aspect of economic compensation, an extra-budgetary ceiling, to be recognized for the “risks” of three additional races, linked to potential accidents and repair costs. On this point, Dominicali explains how “We are still in the negotiation stage. The difference between qualifying alone on the track or in the race is not that high. The distance covered will be almost the same.” If we asked for compensation for everything we wanted to try, we would never be able to determine. The bigger picture should not be overlooked. We are discussing the impact of sprint races on costs and to be honest, the complaints come mainly from the big teams. “

Expected benefits

An alternative format would be a lever for promoters (on tickets sold on Friday from the qualifying session), for televisions – with more traffic on the track always on Friday – while from a sporting point of view it would still have less time for teams to prepare for the weekend, given the cancellation of the training session. The second free on Friday.

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“The more unexpected everything becomes, the more interesting the action in the race will be. If we don’t try, we’ll never know if it’s a value or not. How many times have we changed the qualification formula in the past? Always with the goal of improving and getting to where we are today ”.

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