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Crashes reported from 1 PM to 2 PM: Songs are blocked or the app can’t be accessed

No more music to listen to at home while working, exercising or reading a book. About lunchtime, as immediately reported by the website of Downdetector, many users of Spotify, the popular online platform for listening and sharing music, are unattainable. The news was also immediately shared through the official account of Downdetector Twitter. After just over an hour, the problem appears to have subsided.

Spotify, the bottom in all of Italy

The problems affected almost all of Italy, as indicated on the map shared by Downdetector: from Milan to Rome, and from Venice to Perugia, there are many reports of malfunctions. The real test of the extent of the news spread, as it often happens, was a test of social tampering. There have been dozens of posts on Twitter with the hashtag #spotifydown.

Also in the UK #spotifydown

The platform’s problems actually seem to extend to other countries as well, as reports of songs being banned or not playing also came from the UK, where the same issues were encountered. In fact, some Italian users have even reported that the app, or the website, disconnects after a few seconds or the message “Unable to play the current song” appears.

On social networks hashtag #spotifydown

All we needed was this, as Sophia wrote, “checking Twitter to see if Spotify was down,” Filippo replied, adding an image of a boy running very fast toward the goal. And there are those, like Tmb, who stayed more ironic: “It could be worse, there could be #spotifydown”. At the moment, the company in question has not released official press releases on the news, but in the meantime, the hashtag has risen in the ratings of the most used in Italy.

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