Sportswear: A History of Sports Fashion

Sports and fashion These concepts are always intertwined. already in Late nineteenth century People experimented with clothing meant for elite sports like golf and tennis to make them more practical, and always maintain a certain amount of charm, but that was in to20 secondsAnd Thanks Coco Chanel This comfort is beginning to become a privilege of everyday fashion as well, from provocations coming from stylish activities like horseback riding to introducing more relaxed designs and practical fabrics like jersey into the women’s wardrobe.

Comfortable fashion and an American look

in the meantime, In the United States in the 1930s, designer Claire McCardell He goes a step further and creates what history will go down as American look: Comfortable or utilitarian materials such as cotton, wool, denim, and calico are combined with athletic designs designed to meet the needs of a dynamic lifestyle., giving life to a union that will remain at the heart of American fashion, still oriented towards practicality. Although it causes more sensation in women’s wardrobe, the change also affects men who in these years always end up incorporating shorts and polo shirts outside the stadiums and in their spare time.

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Sportswear craze

In the seventies and eighties The sporty lifestyle is also spreading thanks to home workouts, which have been made famous by video cassettes Jane Fonda’s gym sessions and others celebrities. explode Sportswear crazeWhich was followed by the popularity achieved by technical fabrics such as Lycra and spandexDesigned specifically for ease of movement. At the same time, fitness centers are also multiplying and being enriched with benefits, they are also becoming health resorts and places of cultivation. Holistic lifestyle And so, slowly, sports merge more and more with everyday life, becoming a fashion, an intellectual style, and lifestyle Inspiration promotes healthy living.

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SportswearThanks to brands like Nike and Adidas are getting more and more attractivebut still holds Distinguish between sportswear and fashion Made with certain technical features that make it look sporty and straightforward at this junction The concept of sports entertainment was bornAnd The term first appeared in 1979. To confirm its charm there are the stars – the iconic images of Mrs. Diana In chic ’80s sportswear — and brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfigerwho were able to take advantage of the pollution between athletics and fashion preppy.

Juicy Couture arrives in the 2000s and off-the-gym sportswear that’s officially debunked for everyone, even better than colorful, rhinestone-encrusted chenille. Complicit in this phenomenon is streetwear, which for the first twenty years of the new millennium dominated the entire concept of fashion—just think of the prevalence of hypbeast culture in the decade. Athle Leisure is gaining recognition and authority even as the world’s largest high fashion brands – how Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Gucciride its wave, embraces its aesthetic and makes it its own by offering a gamut of tracksuits, leggings, and sports bras that elevate basic silhouettes in a riot of colors, slogans, and trims. Every 10 years you see a star Yeezythe Kanye West brand, has also been pushed a lot by the Kardashians, which they really focus onAthleisurAnd, between sneakers and cozy spandex bodysuits in a range of neutral shades. Like him, others celebrities ride a waveSportswear: from Fabletics Kate Hudson to Ivy Garden in Beyoncéfrom Fenty X Puma by Rihanna for collaborative groups Tommy Now by Tommy Hilfiger, which started with Gigi Hadid and then also featured Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton. In general, in a mixture of sports and fashion cooperation It’s necessary and so over the years we’ve seen it Adidas with Gucci, Prada and Stella McCartney; Karl Lagerfeld and Puma; Reebok and Victoria Beckham And many other things.

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History and development of sports

Benedetta Porcaroli wears an adidas x Gucci dress

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Pandemic and dressing rest

there pandemic And the subsequent closure, of course, constituted a golden age for sports that imposed themselves on our lives such as indispensable condition Not to relax and unwind directly at home but still today, although legging sales now appear to be more contained than they have been in the past couple of years, It certainly cannot be said that sportswear has left fashion, if anything, his face had only changed. We think of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber in their looks Out of service, not overtly sporty but always tinged with a certain semantics. Although there has been much talk after the pandemic alert of a return to formality and a renewed desire to “dress appropriately”, trimester noIt never goes out of fashion, it just stuck together to become invisible: his attributes Practicality and (above all) versatility have become the norm for the luxury segmentwhich creates its own collections in an effort to maintain a fine balance between style and comfort. The prototype has been reversed: If before that it was fashion that penetrated the world of sports by adding an additional touch to technical designs, today the basic characteristics of sportswear have also become essential for Ready to wear.

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