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Italy is heading towards reopening, but curfew is in effect throughout the entire month of May

AGI – three regions in red and all others, plus the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano in orange. This is the Italian color that, from Monday April 19 to Sunday 25, will celebrate the last week with no zones in the yellow or white zone. In fact, as of Monday April 26th, the government led by Mario Draghi began a “process of reopening,” albeit gradually and with a series of rules that remained to be preserved. The so-called traffic light system is fully operational again, then the yellow zone returns to the areas with the lowest risks and with a series of parameters (some of them new compared to the previous standards) according to the regulations. However, it remains closed to everyone from 10 PM until 5 AM, with a curfew. Major innovations reopening plan, in accordance with government provisions after the control room meeting, as of April 26, on-site teaching results, in the yellow and orange areas, in all schools at all levels; Bars and restaurants reopen, but only with outdoor service, for lunch and dinner in yellow areas; It will be possible to move between the yellow areas and only with a “permit” for potential travel even between the regions of different colors and the museums that open again. Also from Monday in the Yellow Zones, museums, as well as theaters, cinemas and open shows will be reopened with capacity limit measures. The later re-opening season will only allow outdoor swimming pools to open from May 15th; Starting June 1st, indoor tables restaurants, for lunch only, with new guidelines, as well as gyms, always with new guidelines; From July 1 to the start of exhibitions and conferences with new guidelines, activity of spas and parks, with new guidelines. The curfew lasts across the country from 10 PM until 5 AM, and can also last throughout May. Waiting for yellow in Italy from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 April, the regions in the orange region are: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Lombardy, Liguria, Marche, Molise, Piedmont, Sicily, Tuscany , Umbria and Veneto, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and the Autonomous Province of Trento. On the other hand, the regions in the red are: Puglia, Sardinia, and Valle d’Aosta. Almost 7 million students return to the classroom as of Monday the 19th, there will be 6,850,000 students in classrooms from among the 8.5 million public and private schools. Practically speaking, 291,000 more than last week, all of them from Campania who left the red to move into the orange squad. Puglia, Sardinia and Valle d’Aosta are still in the red with 390,000 pupils in distance learning, according to TutusCola’s calculations. In all, roughly 1,657,000 will still be at home in Dad next week. Overall, for the next week, with 80.5% of the pupils attending, we return to data from last February when there were nearly 7 million in class attendance. In many regions in the orange zone, the percentage of pupils present ranges between 81% and 86%, while in the three regions in the red it stops at 51%. The picture on the ground becomes more homogeneous. Again according to Totoscola’s calculations, the number of pupils attending is 84% ​​in the north, 83% in the center, 76% in the islands (with a decrease due to Sardinia), and 74% in the southern provinces. Bolzano and Trento generally confirm the highest proportion of pupils present (87%). Sileri: Good data, but still a very large number of infections “The current numbers, albeit better, are still not good enough to break all restrictions. Raising Rt below 0.8 would loosen some measures and extend the curfew until it is completely removed “But let’s not rush too much. The infection rate is still high. We must drop less than 5 cases per 10,000 people.” The Undersecretary of the Health Ministry, Pierpaolo Celery, said this in an interview with La Stampa, regarding the curfew, from 10 pm to 5 am, which is scheduled to remain in effect at least for the entire month of May. Gilmeni: Herd immunity in September “With this pace of vaccinations over two months, between August and September, we can achieve herd immunity.” “The goal – he added – is to get between 450 and 500,000 vaccines at the end of April,” said Mariastella Gelmini, the Minister for Regional Affairs, during the “Sunday Coffee” program on Radio 24. “The goal – he added – is to get between 450 and 500,000 vaccines at the end of April.” Belief in Italians, in this year of huge sacrifices they respected. It is judged with patience. Now more sense of responsibility must be released, and everyone must act correctly, “says the Minister of Regional Affairs. With regard to the intensive care warning and the critical situation of some virologists from the reopening, the minister emphasized that the occupied intensive care units “amount to 3340 units, but a week ago they were approaching 4000. The report data is that the scientific technique tells us the committee that was conducted in the direction of the cabin that we have invaded us.” “Spaces of Freedom, to be managed with great wisdom. Draghi spoke about the calculated risks of three factors, the expansion of the proportion of elderly and vulnerable populations that have been vaccinated, the effects of the measures and the arrival of the beautiful season.” “The country can no longer afford it, we have to live with the virus and we still maintain the color ranges system, only those who have the numbers in yellow will be yellow. We made sure that we will have a coupon in April and we kept our word.” Reopening – concluded Gilmeni – must It should be gradual and safe, and we cannot tolerate mistakes. The difference will come through behavior. “

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