Sports pinball machine: Di Stefani won the FEE Pinball tournament in Bergamo

The player from Brianza wins the first edition of the new entertainment fair tournament

Bergamo – Experience and tradition win at Fair Bergamo. Not only at the exhibition level, where pure entertainment games for old, new and future generations are back to shine: but also from a fun and sporting point of view, with a pinball tournament organized by Ifpa Italia in collaboration with Faroplay And Star Pinball and support Fee Union who witnessed the victory of the veteran George Destefani, after two days of contests that drew some of the key players on the peninsula. like Roberto Pedroni, number three in the Italian ranking and a member of the blue national team (also) at the upcoming World Championships in the discipline, which this time has to earn the fourth-place sulphur. Instead, he finished second in Bergamo Manuel Ceredaahead of the other Lombard player Luke Solomon.
For Di Stefani, currently sixth in the Italian rankings, this is a further crowning success for a season that has already started in the best possible way, with the qualification obtained at the beginning of the year for the 2023 edition of the World Cup that will take place in June in Germany, which will see him He represents the Italian colors along with the usual Pedroni and our country’s number one, Daniele Accari.
But the Bergamo Championship, in addition to giving prestige and satisfying a few points to the world ranking, also brings with it many precious points for the ICS National Circuit classification, constituting the second of the seven stages of the new season.

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