Sports GDP: Italy 4th in Europe. Travel to Germany, surprise Austria

A study on the economic dimension of sport presented by the International Center for Sport. President Aboudi: “An important social immune defense.” Vezzali: “Sports is a more fundamental contribution to GDP than other sectors”

Fourth place in the European ranking of “sports” GDP where, however, we are in a fifth of the German numbers and just over half of the French and British numbers, and thirteenth in that per capita in the ranking led by an unexpected leader: Austria is competent to exploit its territory in The fields of tourism and sports. In fact, the contribution of sport to Vienna’s GDP is 4.12 compared to 3.90 in Germany, while Italy’s contribution is 1.32 with 21.2 billion euros. The numbers refer to 2019 and it will be interesting to see who paid the most after the Covid storm. The figures were presented this morning by Istituto per il Credito Sportivo as part of a continuously updateable study on “Sports GDP / Economic Dimension of the Sports Sector in Italy”.

immune defense

For Andrea Abode, President of ICS, “Sport is one of the main ‘social immune defenses’, a strategic factor in the pursuit of the goal of improving the quality of life, which requires us to have a greater and deeper knowledge of social and social issues. The economic dimension of the sector to refine and coordinate policies, and to shape new tools harmonizing and improving the existing ones. Valentina Vezzali, Undersecretary for Sports, emphasized that the research “confirms that the sports system contributes to the formation of the national GDP on an equal footing with other economic sectors and more.” Vito Cozzoli, Head of Sports and Health, is convinced that “there is no sector more driving and excitement than sport”.

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Among the figures mentioned by Professor Giorgio Aliva in his most detailed explanation, there are also those related to “sports” employment. Which generates 420,000 employees. The numbers that could be boosted by sports labor reform may have been underestimated and the emergence of tens of thousands of workers who are now “ghosts” in terms of protection. The fact is that in this employment contribution ranking, Italy took 19th place with Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden in the top five. Surprisingly, education is the sector with the highest “sports” incidence. On the other hand, the infrastructure sector in which something is moving lags behind with PNRR investments. Nevertheless, Italy is at the top of the main European countries in the order of percentage incidence of turnover and value of manufacturing production. In short, in Italy sport represents an important economic dimension, but there is great potential for growth that has not yet translated into social outcomes. Hoping that the future, any new government to come, will remember that hope.

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