Spoilers in combat in Albignasego: They jump on cars, they are seven minors

A damaged Fiat Chroma with a shattered rear window

Cars parked on San Tommaso Road were targeted. Shattered the rear window of a Fiat. Identified by the cameras

ALBIGNASEGO. The saboteurs at work during the night: They walked over the parked cars and broke the rear window. All of them are minors.

On Friday, shortly after 11pm, some residents of Via San Tommaso caught the attention of a large noise coming from the street. Looking outside, they were able to recognize a group of boys – who appeared to be teenagers – wearing sports suits of various colors and equipped with flashlights, intent to climb on foot over the cars parked along the street and near the nearby public park.

Witnesses warned the Carabinieri when the brown Fiat Croma the rear window the boys had climbed shattered. However, once on the site, Arma’s men could not help but ascertain the damage to the vehicle, as the authors had now disappeared.

Meanwhile, also thanks to word of mouth on social media, many other citizens – including FdI Director Rossano Moracci – wanted to mobilize to communicate with each other and share information, in order to track down the perpetrators of the damage sooner. as possible.

On Saturday morning, local police agents in Pratarati began collecting the recordings of some of the CCTV cameras, thus tracking the identity of the saboteurs. An eyewitness also admitted that the perpetrators of the damage were seven, all of them minors.

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Since these facts can only be prosecuted after a complaint has been lodged by the aggrieved party, the local police in Pratatarati will keep the photographs in their possession pending the concerned parties to file a formal complaint. The mayor of Albignacigo, Filippo Giacente, also wanted to talk about this episode: “The Carabinieri are really investigating what happened. He will be held responsible for their actions. Thanks to the militants and the local police who immediately examined the pictures and the citizens who cooperated with the police, which indicates a great civil feeling. ”

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