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Ubisoft has announce Splinter Cell Remake with Trailer for a movie. This is a remake with new generation graphics from the first chapter of the series. Ubisoft Toronto has been tasked with developing the project, in collaboration with other teams within the company. The promise is that this is a title with next generation gameplay and graphics. Keep in mind that we’re specifically talking about remanufactures and not remodels, so the project may take unexpected directions.

The film specifically talks about a project that recently received the green light, that is, the publisher decided to fund it. So let’s not expect big news in the short term, as it will still be in pre-production. The video itself consists of interviews The developers talk about the original game and what it stands for Ubisoft. Among the indicators of the remake is the fact that it will be linear and for single players like the original it stands out, so there is no open-ended action or multiplayer drift.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell was released as an Xbox exclusive in 2002. It was considered one of the best stealth games of the time, spawning a series of six main chapters, as well as several outlets and novels. There has been a lot of talk lately about the comeback Sam Fisher, the absolute star of Splinter Cell, which has appeared in other titles from Ubisoft and which will be in the Netflix series. Finally, however, she could have her well-deserved glory with Splinter Cell Remake, which we hope will be able to revitalize the franchise.

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