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The fourth stage of the 2021-2022 Speed ​​Skating World Cup ended in the best possible way for Italy. On the ice rink from Calgary (Canada)Great results (in Division A majors) have always unlocked the ice and the name Francesca Lollobrigida.

The 30-year-old from the Air Force, after putting her first seal on the international circuit in the 3,000m race, scored two goals on this Canadian tour thanks to group start. In his favorite race Francesca had the fourth success in the World Cup and the third in the test with the starting line, which he also obtained 14 platforms.

Outstanding performance and perfect tactical readability allowed her to establish herself in the final race with a time of 8:29.51 to lead the Canadian Ivani Blondin (8: 29.71) and Russian Elizaveta Golubeva (8: 29.72). Expected result Lollobrigida is in second place in the specialty ranking With 458 points, Blondin is ahead of him with 492.

No platform, but still a consistent performance for the player-chasing team. Andrea Giovannini, Davide Giotto and Michele Malfati they arrived fifths At 3:40.026 the unit loosens up a bit on the last rails and might miss the platform train. Victory went to the United States of America Which with a time of 3:35,592 previous Norway (3: 36.242) H is Canada (3:38.604). However, this confirmation confirms the presence of Italy in the Beijing Olympics, given the fifth place in the ranking of disciplines. The ranking is always led by the states with 312 points.

As for the other races, David Bossa He finished 18th in the 500 meters (34636) in the test that smiled at the Russian Victor Moshtakov (33.903, new record). To complete the platform we find the Japanese Yuma Murakami (33991) The Canadian Laurent Dubrouil (34.064).

In the women’s 1500m, Lollobrigida remains the protagonist with sixth place for great substance at 1:52.867, very close to the Italian record of 1:52.23 that you set in the previous stage of the World Cup in Salt Lake City. Azura, in fact, only 0.81 of a race win with an extremely short rating that rewarded the American Brittany Bo (1: 52.054). In second and third places are the Japanese Nana Takagi (1: 52.063) H Ayana Sato (1: 52.193).

In the end, the men’s 1,000-meter victory went to the Chinese Zhongyan Ning Who at 1:06,656 made the big sound in front of the American Jordan’s pride (1: 06.968) and the aforementioned Russian Victor Moshtakov (1: 06.988).

Photo: FISG press release

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