Special Olympics Italia turns 40 and celebrates inclusion 360 degrees: it’s just the beginning!

Special Olympics A few days ago, Italy celebrated 40 years of activity in an exceptional sporting venue: in the spaces of the Monte Mario Tribune’s Hall of Power at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Representatives of the institutional world, Italian Special Olympics partners, testimonials, historical and new, and last but not least, athletes, family members, technicians, volunteers, who are part of the beating heart of the Special Olympics movement, of all. over the peninsula. Moderated by Rai journalist and presenter Simona Rolandi, the evening opened with the testimony of one of the athletes. Special Olympics: Veronica Baccagnella:”Happy Birthday Special Olympics Italy, today you turn 40 and luckily I’m only 21 and I was already there when I was born. Thank you I have traveled Italy and the world and have a life full of friends. Happy Birthday to Special Olympics Italy and what I wish for all of us is that this is just the beginning!Vito Cozzoli The head of sports and health said in a message:You have a nice story. A virtuous and commendable journey that began in the past 1983. A movement that, through sport and its values, encouraged the promotion of inclusion, solidarity and complementarity. Your sports projects and activities, full of inexhaustible enthusiasm, witnessed by the relationship between athletes with and without intellectual disabilities, has always been a reference point for the sports system. For the goals, the victories and the joys achieved, but above all for the stories that lie behind every medal or competition. This is the true essence of sport. And you are an example of that. Good luck in the future.Greetings from Giovanni MalagiCONI President: 40 years and I haven’t heard them, and as today’s claim states.. it’s just the beginning. Special Olympics It is a worthy association that is the world’s unicom and an Italian sports panorama, capable of giving great added value. I want to tell you in advance that today, at 6 pm, I have some notes to read and I can tell you that President Angelo Moratti has been awarded the Gold Star for sporting merit before cones Because it strongly contributed to spreading the culture of inclusivity in the country through sports.” Angelo MorattiPresident of the Italian Special Olympics:Thank you to everyone who helped us grow the movement in our country. Thanks to Franco and Sandra Carraro for their contribution at the beginning of this adventure, through all the events organized with the many friends who supported us. A reminder above all: with Smart gamesThe Games played at homes during the dramatic and prolonged Covid-19 pandemic we wanted and were able to defuse a global tragedy, especially for our athletes. We all can and should do something. I met our founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, in 2003 and her request for why I didn’t feel obligated to help Special Olympics inspired me so much that I immediately committed to supporting a movement that has millions of positive qualities in Italy. After all, even President Bill Clinton once said about Eunice Kennedy: If Eunice had been born thirty years later, she would have been President of the United States! “”.

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Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony saw the athletes invited to the stage Special OlympicsSerena Selfie, who said she was happy to be nominated, in 2002. International messengers representing European Special Olympics athletes around the worldAlfredo Scarlata and Lilia Pellisini are historical members of the Board of Directors Special Olympics in Italy. Regarding me Celebrity endorsementAlessandro Del Piero, who, during the pandemic due to Covid, responded promptly to the Italian Special Olympics call by meeting the athletes first online, giving them an unforgettable experience in such a difficult historical moment for everyone and especially for people with intellectual disabilities and their families and Valeria Mazza who was, In 2001 in Fiji, the first godmother of the National Summer Games.

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