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From Federico Rota

The Bergamo plant in Val Brembana was forced to suspend bottling activity for two days

Lack of raw materials, especially the Carbon Dioxidealso struck a giant in the production of bottled water such as San Pellegrinonow owned by a Swiss multinational Nestlé. Yesterday and today (September 16) the company was forced to shut down the plant in rospino, In the municipality of San Pellegrino (Bergamo),
where the packing is done.

With regard to the problems revealed by companies in the beverage sector due to the scarcity of carbon dioxide – Val Brembana said – the Sanpellegrino group announced that due to the continuing decline in the supply of carbon dioxide, this week production stopped for two days. To solve the problems of supplying carbon dioxide with which mineral water flows from springs Val BrimbanaThe company will continue to search for new supply lines with the aim of returning to the normal production flow as soon as possible.

Other producers have also been affected by this problem, such as Piedmont SantanaWhich stopped two months ago the production lines of sparkling water and soft drinks for the same reason.

September 16, 2022 (change on September 16, 2022 | 17:30)

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