Spain, two churches attacked with a machete. Sacristan died, 4 injured –

to Lorenzo Nicolau

The tragedy that occurred in Algeciras, in the province of Cadiz. The attacker, of Moroccan origin, was arrested. The police are investigating for terrorism

Sacristan died and four other people were injured in southern Spain from a machete attack (at first there was talk of a katana, which is the typical Japanese sword). According to newspaper reports El MundoThe attack allegedly took place in churches San Isidro is of Algeciras and in the parish of Our Lady of La Palma around 8 p.m
in the southern province of Cadiz. Among the wounded was the parish priest, who is in a serious condition, while they could do nothing for the Sakhristan, who died shortly after the attack outside the place of worship.

identify the perpetrator, Yassin KanserA., 25, of Moroccan descent, was stopped by agents. The authorities and the Court of the Audiencia Nacional (the Madrid court having jurisdiction throughout the national territory) are investigating terrorism, even if the nature of the attack has not yet been determined. After the attacks on the churches of San Isidro and Our Lady of La Palma, the young Moroccan seemed to be heading, according to witness statements, to the Church of the Virgin of Europe. He said it, quoting El País, a priest from Algeciras. The three churches are located in the center of the city.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez He sent condolences to the Sacristan relatives who died in the attack. In a tweet, the prime minister described the attack as follows: a horrific episode. The Prime Minister concluded all our support for the work of the state security forces and weapons. The governor of Andalusia repeats it Juanma Moreno: I strongly condemn the crime. Intolerance will have no place in our society.

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