Spain, Ioni Bellara is the new leader of Podemos: 88.6% of the 53 thousand party members who voted in the primaries wanted her.

New guide for we can. Aeon Grass, the current Minister of Social Rights and a 33-year-old psychiatrist won the primaries Spanish left party To elect a new leader who will take over the position Pablo Iglesias, which announced itself in May Goodbye politics.

with the ‘88.6% from preferences 53 thousand votes In totals expressed by party members, the minister came close to her predecessor’s numbers, confirming speculation he would win. Bellara scored a clear divide from the other candidates for the trend: Esteban Tetamenti Pogliaciniاتش e Fernando Paredo. Results announced in Fourth Somos Conference ad Alcorcon, On the outskirts of Madrid.

Bellarra will replace historical leader (Absent from the conference) who has led the party since its founding in January 2014. And it was to Iglesias that he dedicated his first words as the new party secretary: “Thank you for what you have done for this political space, but above all for everything you have done for your country,” he said. He supported the candidacy of Minister Pillara The main foundations Of Podemos and other figures close to the left formation. One of them is the current Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor in the Spanish government Yolanda Diaz.

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