Space, Samantha Cristoforetti passes the command of the International Space Station

In driving for 15 days –

AstroSamantha had commanded the International Space Station for 15 days: her command was the second shortest after fellow American Shannon Walker, which lasted only 11 days. Samantha However, Cristoforetti was the first European woman to command the International Space Station.

To the Fast and the Furious –

The handover ceremony was certainly a “busy” one: In fact, there are eleven astronauts aboard the International Space Station. “There was a fast and furious rotation of the crew here on the plane,” Cristoforetti joked with his colleagues. “It was a short but intense thing,” said AstroSamantha again. “I was fortunate to have had this opportunity, it is my pleasure, honor and privilege to share this experience with you.”

Crew departure 4 –

So the departure was postponed. “Mission officials continue to control the Florida Cold Air Front, which – as NASA writes – can bring strong winds and rain in areas off the coast and on the Gulf of Mexico,” where the trench should occur. The next update of weather conditions is expected at least six hours before the scheduled departure time.

Unknown weather conditions –

NASA, as I expected, clarifies that the only unknown is the weather conditions at the time of landing, in the area between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

who stays –

The seven members of Expedition 68 are still on board the space station: they are the new commander Prokopyev, who arrived on the ship on September 21 with the American Francisco Rubio and the Russian Dmitry Petlin. In addition to the crew 5, consisting of Americans Nicole Mann and Josh Casada, Russian Anna Kekina and Japanese Koichi Wakata.

AstroSamanta, family and … shower –

“I hope to see my family and friends again soon and be able to take a nice shower,” Samantha Cristoforetti said at Tuesday’s NASA press conference that she attended with fellow fourth crew members. Her mission, but she missed Earth: “When I return to Earth, I would like to enjoy nature and natural environments,” she added.

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