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Space constellations, Australia pushes on Skykraft

also Australia puts pressure on the space economy Preparing to be sent into orbit Its first constellation called Skykraft consists of 210 satellites in order to support Air Navigation Control. This was announced by the chiefAustralian Space Agency, Enrico PalermoOn the occasion of the 14th edition of the Australian Space Forum held in Adelaide on 25 October.

More than 200 air traffic satellites

The new constellation will begin early next year With it in orbit The first five validation satellites With the final units that will weigh 300 kg making it The largest satellite in Australian space history. It will be Skycraft The first constellation was developed and built in Australia This makes it possible to improve air traffic from the point of view of consumption and emissions.

Improving business productivity and sustainability through smart buildings

built in canberra

spacecraft satellites Built on campus Unsw Canberra City 45 are expected to be completed by mid-2023 and 120 in the second half. SpaceX will bear at least part of the launch program And in 2024, all satellites must be completed and launched in full operation of the constellation. Meanwhile, one of Spacekraft’s satellites Exhibited at the Australian Space Discovery Center in Adelaide.

Operating by 2024

They were expected to complete At least five for June 30th. and another 20 by the year, but delays accumulated that moved the first launch, tentatively scheduled for the end of 2022, to the early part of 2023. The project is funded by A$1.2 billion (€775 million). It is part of a federal program with a stated purpose Creating an industrial supply chain for the space economy.

From the University of Wales pop-up

The program provides 100 projects, involving universities, research centers, companies, and incubation activities for start-ups. One of these is Skykraft, the daughter of one A spin-off from the University of South Wales in 2017. Among the new constellation functions that will be activated at a later period are Communication by voice, data and messagesagain for air traffic.

Kanini, to watch from above

Another important project is Kanini, a small observation satellite Supported by the South Australian State Government and implemented by A Consortium led by Myriota, a satellite Internet of Things company based in Adelaide. It also includes satellite specialist Inovor Technologies, and the SmartSat Collaborative Research Center (SmartSat Crc), a consortium of universities and research centers.

Aboriginal name and spirit

The name, chosen by Australian schools after the competition, is one Pitjantijatjiara dialect word spoken by the indigenous people Which refers to the principle of unconditional love and responsibility towards creation. Kanini’s peculiarity is that he managed it Area monitoring with ground-based IoT devices and a hyper-spectrum camera Capable of detecting smoke and ground moisture.

Water and fire under control

This way Kanini will stay under control From an altitude of 500 km, water quality, crop health and above all fires, One aspect that has historically been felt strongly in Australia is due to the size that can take over a vast and wild area like Australia. Once again the carrier will submit SpaceX to bring it into orbit by the end of 2022.

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