Spa Bonus, Mess With Reservations: Resumes Tuesday

Conflicting indications on the Mise and Invitalia website at the start of the action that it would “almost run out”: some centers have closed pre-bookings

But, meanwhile, as he writes sun 24 hours, the scale has “almost run out”. The day before the click day, in fact, many centers, having relied on the Invitalia website, opened advance reservations by inviting citizens to register, and now the click day will only be a formality for the companies that have to request it. There was in fact a contradiction regarding what is written on the Mise and Invitalia websites: on the one hand, the Ministry was invited to book as of November 8; While in Invitalia the green light for requests has been given by direct contacting the centers on the list.

Moreover, Codacons complain that the resources available to procure the support are limited and amount to 53 million euros. “The €53 million earmarked for the €200 spending cap, seems completely insufficient, because if we buy packages and services up to the €200 cap, we will only have 265,000 lucky people who will be able to take advantage of the incentive,” the association says. which complains that the ‘bonus’ is owed to all ‘regardless of income and without any ISEE restrictions’.

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