Southampton is growing fast on TikTok

The English club’s digital participation plan is very accurate and gives excellent results.

For those who follow the Premier League regularly, Southampton is known to be among the most active clubs capable of managing social media with creativity and effectiveness. The theme of the club’s digital production has been devoted to various social platforms very carefully and recently I upload your TikTok It was a real success.

Enhanced by a long-term partnership with Grabio platform, Southampton sector managers are able to publish video content in real time, ensuring a continued dynamic and social production that follows meticulous guidelines for style and communication tone.

Interior view of St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton (Photo by Andy Raine-Ball / Getty Images)

Flexibility that Grabio Presentations of the saints, combined with the attention and care that the club pays to the current social trends and desires of the audience, allowing specific strategies to be planned for each different social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok).

Southampton’s incredible growth on TikTok

Southampton is so far able to Create different communication styles according to the social network usedChoosing a more intuitive approach to content and viral trends has allowed TikTok to integrate seamlessly into the mix of social updates and posts.

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In early November 2020, the club temporarily reached the top of the Premier League standings and celebrated With a tweet he said “Stop counting”In a deliberate reference to Donald Trump’s statements at the same time, during the US presidential election. The post quickly spread, reaching more than 490,000 people on Twitter and was further shared and amplified by responses and interactions: as a result, the post became the most popular tweet of the 2021/2021 season among those produced by any club from the Premier League.

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The tweet then appeared in a TikTok video for the club two weeks later, in reaction to other Southampton clubs moving past the top of the league table. TikTok video reached over 200k views in just a few hours. As indicated Tom Cole, one of the club’s media managersAnd the “Being on TikTok is an extension of our overall social strategy. We want to inform and engage our fans, but also humor them with irony, and make fun of us sometimes but always in a very light and positive way. ”.

Timing and specific tone of communication

Southampton’s success on TikTok depends, as it is for reality and other companies, on a key ingredient: speed. Ironically, every trend fades away once it is published, and real-time content production processing is key to engaging audiences. Southampton is using its partnership with Grabyo to collaborate on creating and editing videos for TikTok, and publishing them locally on the platform: Connected Saints Team Using the Grabyo cloud platform, Which becomes a central workspace for collaborative resource management and content approval

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In addition to, Another key for the club is to treat each social network differently. While the basic principles of social media posting can be borrowed from one platform to another, the overall tone of the content is completely different depending on whether the club is posting a post on Twitter, Facebook, or of course TikTok.

southampton Social TikTok
Two Southampton fans check updates on their smartphones (Photo by Mike Hewitt / Getty Images)

Southampton indicated that its audience does not interact with the official TikTok channel in the same way it does on other digital platforms, but that fun and light content aimed at pure entertainment is more appreciated. This, rather than curbing club content production, gave room for creativity, allowing it to connect with the hottest trends, hashtags and memes depending on the moment. “We are always looking for new ways to make people laugh, very simply, or to talk about specific moments in training and before a match. Our official TikTok channel is often separated from the sports score on the field»Tom Cole explained.

Southampton’s growth on TikTok has been amazing: the club has gained 170,000 new followers in less than a yearThe goal is to continue to insist on the path he’s taking, engaging the masses more and more and trying to understand what they want to see. Southampton deals with each of its social channels with a specific strategy and aims to create customized content for different audiences using each platform, and On TikTok, he is the main audience Generation Z (Born 1996 and 2010) Who create a whole new way to “see” sport.

You can follow Southampton FC’s Social Channels at www.southampton FC The social networking site FacebookAnd the TwitterAnd the InstagramAnd the Youtube H Tik Tok. The club’s official website (top performer, it should be said) is instead Who is the.

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