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A few days before the f . gameOtto from the black hole of the Milky Way Traveling around the world, NASA made a remix of the sounds of two other black holes: one in the center of the Perseus cluster of galaxies and that of the galaxy Messier 87. In fact, the researchers were able to translate data collected by both space and ground-based telescopes, relating to the waves The emitted pressure and light radiation, into sounds, and also transmitted to human audible frequencies.

The black hole in the Perseus cluster has been associated with sound waves since 2003, when researchers discovered that pressure waves emitted caused ripples in the hot gas of galaxies, which in turn produce sounds at frequencies that are impossible for the planet to perceive by the human ear. Now for the first time NASA has made this data, captured by the Chandra Orbital Telescope, audible: Sound waves were extracted in a radial direction (from the center outwards), allowing you to hear the “notes” emitted in different directions, their frequency raised The original hundreds of millions of times to make it audible.

For the black hole of the Messier 87 galaxy, on the other hand, data collected by Chandra in X-rays, by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in Optical Light and the ALMA telescope (in Chile) from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have been “remixed” In radio waves (the three frequencies are shown in the video in order from bottom to top). Different tones have been assigned to each wavelength, from lowest to highest, in order to create a kind of symphony: the first intense part corresponds to the point where the black hole was identified (the brightest part to the left of the image), while the music fades away as you move away following the jet of matter in which you are drowning.

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