Soul Hackers 2, Try the new Atlus RPG!

We have tried Soul Hackers 2 and found that the mechanics are those of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, but the cast is more mature and the setting is futuristic.

atleast It is number one, and one of the few remaining in circulation. The Japanese company, Sega’s rib for a few years, hardly misses a shot and when that happens it’s always the only stumbling block, which you shouldn’t give weight to because you’re always sure that with the next game they’ll make up for a great one.

The latest Shing Megami Tensei, for example, is a good game despite for some being a product that falls short of expectations when compared to previous productions, starting with the prodigy Persona 5, the smoothie, or the unchanging royal version. It wasn’t until 1997’s first Soul Pirates that it was a perfect product, gigantic as the best of the company at the time was, but with this sequel, the desire to develop the project into something more significant and lasting becomes clear. have Try Soul Pirates 2Here’s a quick summary of what awaits us in stores on August 26th…

Mature work team

Soukl Hackers 2: A different game to make you feel at home right away

Soul Hacker 2, just like the predecessor, is another variation of the theme and mechanisms that have made Atlus famous throughout its history: there are the usual demons, and now also social connections and many dungeons that recall the well-known atmosphere. The Play It also introduces some new features, but the features of Atlus RPG are all in place.

Where Soul Hacker 2 separates from other products of the same house Personalities: This is the first project of Atlus with one heroine, moreover, the age of the actors is definitely higher than that of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, and this allowed dialogues with completely different content.

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Another characteristic of Soul Pirates, also present in the following, isfuture settingThe game takes place in the twenty-first century. In this mysterious near future, demon summoners are split into two different factions, the Yatagarasu and the Phantom Society, in perpetual conflict.

slap counter

Soul Hacker 2: The map through which we will be able to visit the different locations of the game
Soul Hacker 2: The map through which we will be able to visit the different locations of the game

If you’re interested in Soul Hackers 2, but at the same time worried about not playing your first, here’s some good news: Like every Atlus title associated with the Demon Summoners / Megami Tensei series, the two games are related to the same but focus on different characters and events, so you can easily relive the first When and if you wish.

The demo we had him play lasted about twenty minutes, and that was enough to discover that Ringo, the protagonist, is an agent of Ion, an alien race that mysteriously controls humanity from space; It suffices to find out that if the enemies attack with the appropriate force and we move, this will add to the counter which at the end of the turn will determine the strength of the additional and negative attack, and then it will be activated without our control and without us being able to do so. choose one.

The prison cell As we stretched our legs for a few minutes very similarly to the Persona 5 subway, a clear homage to what we were told is only one among the many stashes of Soul Hackers 2. During the demonstration, he accompanied us to do some shopping in a private area and here, among the neon colors and art Chiaroscuro and Ringo’s head bioluminescence, we’re starting to sift through weapons, mods, and armor as is now typical of every game in the Shin Megami Tensei universe.

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Even if Soul Hackers 2 isn’t behind the infamous Persona Studio Zero, which runs on Project Re Fantasy and which we hope we’ll see something of next year, these latest Atlus efforts are tipped to be one of the most interesting Atlus games out there. Persona 5.

Atlas Glitter Magic Orchestra

Soul Hackers 2: Personal social links are also present in this new game, but we don't know yet in what form
Soul Hackers 2: Personal social links are also present in this new game, but we don’t know yet in what form

The Music They seem to have a decent glossy quality, and the graphic style moves away from the full warmth of the character to embrace more refined features and a more crude ambiance. As Soul Hackers 2 appears to set foot in the spotlight, which begins everywhere in Ringo’s dress, a gorgeous delicate space fairy we can’t wait to learn more about. Since we can’t wait to get to know the rest of the cast better, also because the kind of friendship that is established in these games often carries with you for a long time. Also, just because Team Persona is busy with something else, it will take some time to get back into adolescence at some Japanese high school.

Another variation on the Atlus theme, but promising as never before, it seems that Soul Hackers 2 is designed for all the hungry for a new character, as well as for those who love the series because of its mechanics but don’t like the high school setting. Here we have more mature characters and dialogue in the same direction, fixed on a tested game structure and giving it further improvements. The game will be translated into Italian and will be officially released on August 26th on PC, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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  • style for sale
  • Great music
  • Finally more mature characters


  • Are the same usual mechanisms sufficient?
  • The dungeon wasn’t particularly inspired

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